Look! This Is My Dis-Claimer*!

By means of a disclaimer, I feel compelled to state that none of the views, opinions, meowings, skywriting at night, Tragic 8-Ball missive misinterpretations, prison yard india ink tattoo scrawlings, gastric warblings, monosyllabic oath invectives, exposed belly snail trail helixes, messy glandular secretions, kinetic tentacle typings, or tombstone-carved epitaphs that comprise this blog should reflect the views or opinions of the interview subjects (those sainted souls). Nor should this blog reflect upon the LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! project as a whole. Running a website means constantly PRODUCING! MORE! MATERIAL! To this end, I will contribute my thoughts and observations to this blog. I've been known to be a prickly pear at times and I do like to step on toes on occasion. Hence, my words wear steel-capped boots and the desire to let them fall as they will can be a heavy burden. Take these words with a pillar of salt. Know that as much as I want you to get some enjoyment out of my writing, my greater desire is to some day have you give me some of your money.

* I have hyphenated the word "disclaimer" in the title because Dis bands are punk and this blog is backed by the d-beat.

I Talked To the Nerds With Words

JAG In 2016 in Roxborough
Yesterday I was interviewed for the Nerds With Words podcast, which is hosted by two Philadelphia-based comedians, Greg Trout and Adam Nutter. While L!F!P! is brought up (and Greg did an excellent guest interview with the inimitable David E. Williams for the project a few years ago), it's not the main focus of the interview. Still, I think it may be of interest to some listeners of this project and there's a good deal of Philadelphia talk in the episode.

Give it a listen here:

P.S. The project lives, though I am only inclined to do a few interviews a year. Look for a couple more interviews in 2018. I feel the interviews I've presented since 2013 represent what I hoped to achieve, so I'm not compelled to keep adding more. But there will be more as I catch up with people I've been looking to connect with or I encounter or hear of new people with interesting perspectives.

The Neil Robinson Follow-Up Interview

Neil Robinson and JAG in Portland, OR
Neil Robinson and JAG in Portland, OR
I was just in Portland, Oregon and surrounding environs to visit some friends, so I called in on past interview subject (and friend) Neil Robinson. We had dinner at a vegan organic cafe called Papa G's then did a catch-up interview in his truck. Since I did a proper interview with him in the spring of 2015 (I erroneously say summer of 2015 in the interview) , this mini-interview (running just under one hour) can not be part of the main body of interviews. It will reside here in the blog section of the site, but it will go up in the other places where you can hear this interviews (the Cinepunx website, iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, TuneIn) as a bonus episode.

As ever, it was a pleasure to talk to Neil, a man for whom I have great respect. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Remember, you can help this project by spreading the word about it and, if you wish, buying a t-shirt.

Cinepunx Guest Hosting With Grady Hendrix

Paperbacks From Hell by Grady Hendrix
Last week I was a guest co-host of the Cinepunx podcast to interview Grady Hendrix on his new book, Paperbacks From Hell.

Give it a listen here:

Rettman Straight Edge Book Event A No-Go!

Rettman SxE book cover
I'm sorry to have to report that we're canceling the Rettman live event at Common Beat Music on December 2, 2017 because a big sXe show is taking place at the Church on the same day/same time and it will effectively kill our show.

We're still hoping to record an episode of Cinepunx with Tony about the book, but we won't know about that until the date draws closer.

P.S. Look for a new mini-interview next week here in the blog section. If it comes off, it will be a catch-up talk with a popular past guest. Since this person was already interviewed, it won't be in the main body of interviews.

Talking Edge With Tony Rettman!

Tony Rettman sXe book cover
Check out the event listing I posted today about an event coming up on December 2, 2017. I'll be talking to the author (and great guy) Tony Rettman about his new book on straight edge hardcore.

If all goes well, there will also be a Cinepunx interview with Tony that should be record the day before or the day of the event. I will likely guest host with Josh and Liam and that episode, if it happens, stands to be available shorty after the event. I'll certainly post about it here if is happens.

I hope to see some of you from the Philly-area out for this event!


I was just thinking of a puzzle. At birth we have two pieces to the puzzle, the mother and the father. Going forward, other pieces are added as significant people enter our life and consciousness. Pieces are acquired from siblings and other family members, lovers, friends, pets, and so on. Moving through life, pieces fall away. The loss of a mother- or father-shaped piece leaves a gap of such distinct dimensions and contours that it can't be replaced. Others, too, the most precious pieces, are found not to be interchangeable. A loved one is gone, others acquired, but the empty spaces, each defined by the dark negative space of absence, is not plugged in by another. New pieces stretch out the parameters of the puzzle, but black voids like so many missing teeth remain. One who lives a long life gazes upon a puzzle comprised more of the void than the design. In time you and I -- our contours soften by age, our bright colors somewhat dimmed, but unique in definition -- will leave the puzzles of others. Like the precious parts we've lost, we will leave in our wake the shape that will remain unfilled, but the hope of continued expansion.

An Ill-Fated Screening

Josh Alvarez of Cinepunx with George the dog. Photo by Liam.
Josh Alvarez of Cinepunx with George the dog. Photo by Liam.
JAG as Cinepunx guest. Photo by Liam.
I was recently a guest on the Cinepunx podcast (episode #65) to talk about our screening of Drew Stone's documentary THE NEW YORK HARDCORE CHRONICLES. As you will learn if you listen, we were not pleased with either the movie or the experience of screening it. All this is detailed in the podcast episode, so there's no need to rehash the mess here.

You can listen to this episode on iTunes and all the places where you hear L!F!P! except for this site. Here's the link to the episode on the Cinepunx website:

Spotted In the Wild: Dave "Bass" Brown

Dave "Bass" Brown and JAG at the East Falls flea market, June 3, 2017
When I was at the East Falls flea market yesterday I spotted none of than former Negative FX drummer and past interview subject Dave "Bass" Brown. Not surprisingly, Dave the Gerber Baby was harassing people. You should give our interview a listen.

Joseph Gets His Wish

Greg Pizzoli and Joseph by Karen Kirchhoff.
Here's a bonus shot by Karen Kirchhoff of the just-added interview with the charming and thoughtful Greg PIzzoli in his studio in South Philly.