I Talked To the Nerds With Words

JAG In 2016 in Roxborough
Yesterday I was interviewed for the Nerds With Words podcast, which is hosted by two Philadelphia-based comedians, Greg Trout and Adam Nutter. While L!F!P! is brought up (and Greg did an excellent guest interview with the inimitable David E. Williams for the project a few years ago), it's not the main focus of the interview. Still, I think it may be of interest to some listeners of this project and there's a good deal of Philadelphia talk in the episode.

Give it a listen here:


P.S. The project lives, though I am only inclined to do a few interviews a year. Look for a couple more interviews in 2018. I feel the interviews I've presented since 2013 represent what I hoped to achieve, so I'm not compelled to keep adding more. But there will be more as I catch up with people I've been looking to connect with or I encounter or hear of new people with interesting perspectives.