Coming For You: Matthew Geary of Cape of Bats

Matthew Geary and JAG
I conducted a short interview with Matthew Geary of Cape of Bats and solo work today. The interview will go up later this week. In the meanwhile I encourage you to check them out along with Matt's solo album, which is on Bandcamp. Full links to follow with the interview. Here's a pic of Matt and me in my house before we talked. Ace Envy sweatshirt!

The Expanding Empire of L!F!P!

I'm thrilled to announce that the project is now part of the Cinepunx network of podcasts. This means you'll be able to listen to or download the interviews from the project (70+ and counting) through iTunes (official page up by Monday, February 1, 2016), Stitcher, the Cinepunx website, and (of course and always) this L!F!P! website. Having so many more options to hear the interviews will get them out in the world to an even greater extent. The interviews will go up one-a-day on most weekdays starting with the first interview (Cordy Swope of the mighty Ruin) and in the sequence in which they were recorded. This will site will always be the most important to the project and the interviews will appear here first (especially since it will take several weeks for the other outlets to catch up). Please help out by getting the word out listening to any interviews you may have missed. My thanks to Liam O'Donnell and Joshua Alvarez for making this happen. They're super fellows and it's an honor and pleasure to work with them on this or anything else. Look for a new interview coming in (I hope) a few days and Cynthia Connolly in early March (with perhaps more between and always more after).

Banned In Philly

Banned In DC Book Cover
Check out the recent event I've added to the site. Along with Bull and Karen, I'll be presenting the photographer Cynthia Connolly, publisher and co-author of the legendary book "Banned In DC." It's happening on Saturday, March 5 at 7 PM at Cindergarden (4823 Baltimore Ave. in West Philly). Cynthia will be doing a slideshow and talk and selling copies of her book. It's an honor for us to have Cynthia come to Philly. Her book was an influence on all of us and, hell, she created the iconic cover to Minor Threat's "Out of Step" record! See the event listing for all the details and please help out by passing on the word. I'm hoping to interview Cynthia for the project earlier in the day before the show. While she's not a Philly person, she's one of the interview exceptions I occasionally make since her work has influenced many Philly folks.

Finally: F.O.D.!

Jim, Joseph, and Bruce
Jim of F.O.D.
Jim and Bruce
From the start of this project back in 2013 I wanted to talk to Jim McMonagle of Philly's longest running hardcore punk bands (and one of the longest running in the country): Flag of Democracy (F.O.D.). Jim's a busy guy, so this took three years to actually happen. There would be no interview with Jim if it wasn't for Bruce Howze of SRA Records. Not only has Bruce done a marvelous job re-issuing F.O.D.'s records, but he's also released scores of other albums including some from his band Hulk Smash and from Jenna Pup's +HIRS+. On Sunday, January 3, 2016 we finally had a chance to talk, and talk we did for two recorded hours. I must apologize in advance for the horrid state of my throat thanks to a cold that persists even as I type this blog entry. Below please find three outtake shots from my photos of Jim and Bruce. For this interview we tried something new which I've not seen done elsewhere (yet): I ran a live video stream through Facebook of the introduction to the interview then came back after the interview to live stream a Facebook-only question about Jim growing up as a "monster kid." We also took a few questions from people tuning into the live video feed. The introduction is here:


Posted by Joseph A. Gervasi on Sunday, January 3, 2016
The FB-only question and watcher questions is here:

LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! - Facebook Exclusive Question and Comments

Posted by Joseph A. Gervasi on Sunday, January 3, 2016
My thanks to Bruce for making this happen and for being such a great force in our city. Look for a new F.O.D. record (hurray!) in 2016 on SRA Records.

Kiss the Goat!

Nathan Gray, friend and Satan, and JAG, friend of cats
It seems the official Church of Satan, the organization founded by Anton Lavey, has officially endorsed my interview with Nathan Gray:

A Rainy Afternoon By Candlelight With the Goat-Wolf

Nathan Gray and Joseph
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Here's a photo of Nathan Gray and me taken after our stimulating (and likely controversial in some quarters) interview of yesterday.

Bonus Ralph Darden!

Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden and Joseph
For a while we weren't certain if Karen Kirchhoff was going to be able to shoot Ralph while he was in town. To be safe, I shot photos with him no the day of the interview. Since Karen did shoot him, my photos were rendered superfluous. Since more Ralph is never enough, I've decided to post them here.

Coming Soon: My Interview with Ralph Darden ...

Ralph Darden with Joseph
... of Random Children, Franklin, AM/FM, Jai Alai Savant, etc. He's also known as DJ Major Taylor. Here's a pic of us together from yesterday's interview session at my house. This photo was taken behind my garage.

Late October Update

Hi. Lest you think the project has reached its conclusion, allow me to assure you it still lives. While I've no interviews in the can or scheduled, there are a few people I want to catch up with at some point. Logistics have proven to be problematic, but I trust I'll be able to sit down with most of the folks I still wish to speak to in time. Next year should see the publication of a book that will feature some of Karen's photos for L!F!P! More on that when it sees print. I'm looking to begin work on a new music-related project about 1000 miles away from HC punk. If that comes together it'll see fruition some time in 2016. I managed to appear on the supplements of two blu-rays/DVDs this year, so the curious can hear me blab in the supplements of Criterion's VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS (about The Valerie Project and the movie) and Artsploitation Films' BLOODY KNUCKLES (about my Diabolik DVD business). Be well and enjoy the best season!