1-2-3-4! Puppies Are GO!

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The era/error of the yuppie (young urban professional) is over.
Let us enter the era of the "puppy," which is the:

S/he comes from the hardcore punk scene and brings from it the ethics of punk and its DIY ethos along with a desire to GET PAID. Areas of employment include but are not limited to: graphic design, small business operation, food trucks, screen printing, carpentry, writing, medical care, computer programming, audio recording, etc. Willing to give the Wall Street types and Penn students the boot. Killer record collection. Co-op memberships and farm shares. Rescue animals over Lamborghinis. 

Philly DIY Skillshare Conference 2014

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Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel
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Elixir of Sorrow by Lunar Aurora
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I'm not putting this in the "Event" section of this site because it's not directly L!F!P!-related, but the project may come up when I appear on a panel about running a small business with a few others (including former interview subject Jeff Ziga of Little Baby's Ice Cream and R5 Productions). This is a three-day and night event running from August 1-3. My panel will be at the Beaumont Warehouse (5027 Beaumont St. in West Philadelphia; close to the Mariposa co-op) from 6:30 - 7:30 PM on the first night, Friday, August 1, 2014. It may run later due to the Q&A session. The weekend will feature all manner of panels, events, food, and live performances. Should be great fun! I hope some of you can come out to the panel and, more essentially, to the event as a whole.

There is more information about it here on their Facebook page.

Masturbation Core!

An essay I wrote on "masturbation core" for an Policy of 3 EP released in the early '90s was recently "unearthered" and given an appreciation on the Abandoned 7"s Tumblr and Facebook page. It was weird to read something I wrote so long ago. I'm glad some folks still find it funny.

On the Run

On the Run by Alice Goffman book cover
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On the Run: Fugitive Life In An American City by Alice Goffman
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The Process of Self-Immolation by Alraune

Essential reading, especially for my fellow Philadelphians, is the recently published (to great acclaim) book On the Run: Fugitive Life In An American City by Alice Goffman (Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries, 2014). Goffman chronicles the stories of those living and negotiating lives of crime, poverty, and imprisonment here in Philadelphia, though the cycles they move through, are victims of, and themselves perpetuate, play out in cities throughout the US. The intimacy Goffman achieved with those whom she profiled gives the book an immediacy often lacking in sociology books that examine societal issues down the length of patrician noses or through the jargon of academia. For those who live in Philly, it's very easy to hear the voices of Goffman's cast of characters since their vernacular and speech patters are part of the rhythm of our city.

Being a new book, some may find the hardcover to be a bit expensive. An alternative for those living in the 21st Century is the ebook, which is just $9 from Amazon. This is how I'm presently reading the book.

On June 16, 2014 Alice Goffman spoke at the Philadelphia Free Library. You can listen to her on their podcast here.

I Got Cinepunx'd!

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The Path of Spectrolite by Imaginary Softwoods

Earlier this week I was interviewed on the Cinepunx podcast about LOUD! FAST! PHILLY!, the Cabbage Collective, Exhumed Films, and Diabolik DVD (among other things). There is much goofery (and nearly two hours of it)!

Give it a listen right here

A Cavalcade of New Photos!

Eric Bresler portrait by Karen Kirchhoff
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A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
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Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey
Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies by Demonic Rage

Feast your eyes on some new photos by Karen Kirchhoff! She re-photographed several interview subjects for her photo exhibit (still up at the Grindcore House in South Philly). She re-shot these folks because I originally photographed them when Karen wasn't available. The original photos are still those you first see, but if you click on the following interview subjects, you'll see superb new Karen photos:

Will McAndrew (added to her original shoot)

Dennis McHugh

Frank "Blank" Moriarity

Bobby Startup

Brian Sokel

Thomas Adams

Stacey Finney (who has a new interview up with Jo-Ann Rogan of the band Thorazine)

John Manhardt

Since there's no interview with Eric Bresler, I'm adding his photo here.

Feldman: A Question Answered and More

Praise From a Future Generation pages scan

Recent interview subject Vincent Feldman supplied the following bit of information as an addendum to his interview:

"I forgot to mention that after Legitimate Reason broke up Grant Plunket and I played in a reggae/ska band called Just Us.  We made a studio demo which I have no record of.  We didn't play out much except at a few parties and most memorably a big punk rock block party in 1988 on Rodman Street around 12th street."

Upon completion of the interview, I was left with a follow-up question that I felt needed to be addressed for clarification. I wrote to Vincent:

You mentioned in the interview that your father applied for conscientious objector status during World World II. Considering Hitler and the Nazis were aggressively engaged in exterminating European Jewry and your father was himself a Jew, what was his reasoning for declaring himself a conscientious objector?

Here is Vincent's reply, which I post without comment:

"My father was a pacifist and politically very astute.  If WWII was about saving the Jews then that war was entirely lost, never even engaged really.  He was well aware of plenty antisemitism from within the US.  My father lived in Baltimore for a while in the 1960s and he recalled to me that the beaches in Maryland had signs posted barring Blacks, Jews and dogs.  The Jews who joined the US Army or worked in the Roosevelt Admin. were sourly disappointed in the war effort in regard to saving Jews."

Vincent adds this note, which is illustrated by the two pages of book scans he sent along to me and which I have posted here:

"The best example of my dad's political insights occurred within a day of JFK's ambush murder.  I am attaching two pages from Praise From a Future Generation by John Kelin.  He predicted Oswald would be shortly eliminated and a Jew would be used in the plot."

Please note: I (Joseph) present these materials as submitted to me by my interview subject. These are not my personal views.


A Lot More Feldman

City Abandoned by Vincent Feldman book cover
Legitimate Reason 7" EP front cover
Legitimate Reason 7" EP back cover
Legitimate Reason 7" EP inside - 1
Legitimate Reason 7" EP inside - 1
Lee Harvey Oswald mother letter
Vincent Feldman portrait by Karen Kirchhoff
JAG, Vincent Feldman, Bull by Karen Kirchhoff
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A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
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Eitur by Naðra
In Death by Ancestors
In Thoth by In Thoth
Sirio 2222 by Il Balletto di Bronzo
The Path of Spectrolite by Imaginary Softwoods
Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies by Demonic Rage

My interview with photographer Vincent Feldman yielded a wealth of ancillary material for you to enjoy.

We have:

The City Abandoned book cover (Paul Dry Books, 2014)

Scans of the front cover, back cover, and insert in the Legitimate Reason 7" EP.

A letter from Lee Harvey Oswald's mother (!) to Feldman's father circa 1966.

A bonus shot of Feldman by Karen Kirchhoff.

A shot by Karen Kirchhoff of my brother Bull and me in Feldman's basement photography studio/workspace on the day of the interview.


Darren Addendum

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A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Here is a message from one of my personal favorite interviews subjects, Thomas "Vosco" Adams of the band Ruin, about Darren Finizio. Thomas wrote this comment on one of my Facebook postings about the Darren interview and I think some of you will enjoy hearing this music:

Pete Sounds and I had the pleasure of being in one of Darren's identity bands, "The Open Minded Men" aka "OMM." He didn't mention the band in the interview though when he mentioned being Open Minded, I thought of us. This was about 10 years ago or more. That experience, seeing the brilliant Hoppy the Frog video, and catching the motivating Muscle Factory live, leads me to believe Darren was born to be a star. Pete has a couple of OMM mp3s available to download from his drugmusic archive mp3 page of his website: and here the link to our theme song:


Punk Band Reunions! Or: Something's Gone Off in the Fridge

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A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

People occasionally ask me if I'll be attending reunion shows of this or that punk band that has been resurrected from the grave to shamble out and do their thing again. While there are a few that seem to have re-formed for legitimate reasons (I did enjoy seeing the reconstituted Amebix a few years ago and Ruin last year), most are embarrassing wrecks out to reclaim fame that was "denied" them (or so their self-aggrandizing narrative goes) or they'd like a cash in because Green Day got rich, so why can't they? The thought of the reformed bands that  have strained the structural integrity of stages across the country with their added bulk makes me want to, as they punks say, gob. My feeling is now and will always be: If you missed these bands the first time around, too bad. You're not really seeing them at the height of their powers. You're seeing a flabby simulacrum. If you saw the band in their prime, congratulations (you're old!). Nostalgia is --  I feel and I have said often -- a form of depression; you are better off with your hazy memory. If you're going to leave your crypt to attend a live performance, you'd be better off seeing a band operating at maximumfuckingintensity. Then you can tell others in the rest home that you saw ____________ back in 2014 before they sold out, man. Besides, did anyone EVER give a fuck about The Addicts?

My treat for you is this note-perfect pisstake of punk's first wave (namely The Damned and The Sex Pistols) from the sharp satirical band Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias.