Bonus Ralph Darden!

Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden photo by Joseph
Ralph Darden and Joseph
For a while we weren't certain if Karen Kirchhoff was going to be able to shoot Ralph while he was in town. To be safe, I shot photos with him no the day of the interview. Since Karen did shoot him, my photos were rendered superfluous. Since more Ralph is never enough, I've decided to post them here.

Coming Soon: My Interview with Ralph Darden ...

Ralph Darden with Joseph
... of Random Children, Franklin, AM/FM, Jai Alai Savant, etc. He's also known as DJ Major Taylor. Here's a pic of us together from yesterday's interview session at my house. This photo was taken behind my garage.

Late October Update

Hi. Lest you think the project has reached its conclusion, allow me to assure you it still lives. While I've no interviews in the can or scheduled, there are a few people I want to catch up with at some point. Logistics have proven to be problematic, but I trust I'll be able to sit down with most of the folks I still wish to speak to in time. Next year should see the publication of a book that will feature some of Karen's photos for L!F!P! More on that when it sees print. I'm looking to begin work on a new music-related project about 1000 miles away from HC punk. If that comes together it'll see fruition some time in 2016. I managed to appear on the supplements of two blu-rays/DVDs this year, so the curious can hear me blab in the supplements of Criterion's VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS (about The Valerie Project and the movie) and Artsploitation Films' BLOODY KNUCKLES (about my Diabolik DVD business). Be well and enjoy the best season!

In Neil We Trust

Neil Robinson and Joseph
Neil Robinson by Joseph
Neil Robinson by Joseph
I had a terrific time talking to Neil Robinson of Nausea, Squat or Rot, Final Warning, Tribal War Records, ABC NO RIO, etc. yesterday at the Farmageddon veganic farm. Interviewer to go up early next week and it's frank and revealing. Neil's the best!

Posi Crew

Mark Andersen, Joseph, and Bull portrait by Karen Kirchhoff
Here's a bonus photo of Mark Andersen, the latest interview in the series, that also features me (left) and my brother Bull (right). The photo is by Karen Kirchhoff, who contributed four photos to the interview. This is one of my favorite interviews of the series (and I think it's the longest), so I hope you'll give it a listen and share your thoughts about it.

Site Issues Being Fixed

If you've seen a notice saying "This Site May Be Hacked," fear not. The issue -- minor as it was -- is in hand and being fixed. You'll have no issues with the site. I waited to put up the Mano Divina interview and some blog postings until this was sorted. Soon the notice will go away. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the site as you always have (or for the first time if you're new). Thanks to the great SEJ for taking care of this issue. 

I encourage you to share your thoughts about the site and the interviews with me. I'd love your feedback!

Extra Mano Divina For You

Mano Divina by Karen Kirchhoff
Mano Divina and Joseph in June 2015
Mano Divina and Joseph in June 2015

Here are some bonus shots of Mano Divina. The black-and-white shot is from Karen Kirchhoff's photoshoot. The two color shots are from the day of our interview. The interview just went live and it's a really great one. Give it a listen!

My Son, Now Gone

BBC and friends, early 2015.

R.I.P. to my "son," BBC the cat.

He was born in early 2001 (possibly very late 2000).

BBC was part of a colony of feral kittens who lived on my block in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. BBC and his sister OS were taken in to my rented home and soon moved to my house in the Roxborough neighborhood when I bought it in 2002. Socializing the siblings was a prolonged and involved process, but it worked out in the end. For 14.5 years we spent practically every day together since I've worked in my house the entire time. He was gentle and affectionate and quite delicate. On Monday morning he was struck ill and by early this morning he was dead, likely from a viral or bacteria infection. 

We will forever -- forever -- forever love and miss him.

MRR Online Part Two

The second and final "guide" to entering the L!F!P! project (along with some personal observations) is now up on the MaximumRockNRoll magazine website. This one was written by guest interviewer and former interview subject Stacey Finney. 

You can read it here.

The previous one, written by me, is here.

Thanks again to Grace Ambrose and Yoni Kroll for making this happen.


Karen Brings the Soul

Soul Glo by Karen Kirchhoff
Soul Glo by Karen Kirchhoff
Soul Glo with JAG by Karen Kirchhoff

Here are three more photos of Soul Glo by Karen Kirchhoff.

This was shot in my backyard.