Tea With Soul Glo

Soul Glo and JAG

I talked to two members of the young Philly HC band Soul Glo last night, Pierce Jordan and Ruben Polo. It was a conversation that went into some areas (race, the use of certain incendiary words, role models) that may prove to be rather provocative for some listeners. I'm curious to know what listeners think of it when it goes up. 

Karen did a shoot with the fellows last night, but here's a shot Hana took of the three of us before the interview. I am the rather small white person.

The MaximumRockNRoll Print Article

MRR #385 Article
MRR #385 Article
MRR #385 Article
MRR #385 Article
MRR #385 Article
MRR #385 Karen Kirchhoff Photos Two-Page Spread
MRR #385 Cover
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These photos are from MaximumRockNRoll magazine #385 (June 2015).

Sorry the photo of the two-page spread of Karen's photographs is a bit blurry.

Please pick up the issue for the real deal.

Just A Little More Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen in Joseph's backyard
Eric Hansen and Joseph
Eric Hansen and Joseph

The thing I love about doing the interviews where I photograph the interview subject is I can get them up an hour or two after they end. The Karen photos are always a million percent better, but there's a joy in the immediacy of sharing our conversation straight away.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Eric Hansen of the band Spent Flesh and the labels Suicide Bong Tapes and FDH Records, who was kind enough to bring me a killer stack of his releases. A note to future interview subjects: this is the way to my blackened little heart.

Here are a few extra photos from Eric's visit.





Jenna Pup!

Jenna Pup of +HIRS+
Jenna Pup with me in front of my house
Jenna Pup and me in front of my house

Earlier this evening I interviewed Jenna Pup of the trans queer grindcore band +HIRS+ for L!F!P! Once Karen phographers her, the interview will go up for you to enjoy (and enjoy it you will, I think).

For now I leave with you with two photos of Jenna and I in front of my house before the interview and one Jenna solo shot. Since my azalea bushes are in bloom, I had to have the photos taken by them.


Congratulations To Karen and Bull!

Karen, Bull, and a German Ceremonial Log Cutting

Yesterday my brother Bull (Policy of 3, Four Hundred Years, R.A.M.B.O., the Mariposa food co-op) and Karen Kirchhoff (photographer for this project) had a commitment ceremony (including a log sawing) in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

All the best to those two!


MRR Online Part One

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The first part of a piece I wrote exclusively for MaximumRockNRoll magazine is now on their site. It's an essay on suggested places to start exploring this project and it's called, "A Young Person's Guide To LOUD! FAST! PHILLY!"

Next week they should be running five recommendations by guest interviewer Stacey Finney. I'll do a blog post about that when it goes up.

These pieces are also in the "Press" section of this website.


We Made the Cover of MRR ...

MRR #385 Cover
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... and here is the proof!

Get the June 2015 issue (#385) for the feature/interview about this project along with Karen photos.


MaximumRockNRoll: Big Brother's Little Brother!

MRR Karen Kirchhoff Photos
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Welcome to all you fine, feathered folks who've been clued into this site by the MaximumRockNRoll magazine (#385) interview with me and the display of Karen Kirchhoff's beautiful photographs. You now have to listen to all 59 or so interviews (and counting)!

If you like what you see and hear, please help out this project by spreading the word about it. You can also buy photo books directly from Karen and the last few remaining L!F!P! t-shirts from me.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the project. I'd love to hear what you think.

More interviews are in the works, so be certain to keep an eye on the site to see what's new. I will always strive to draw in the diverse individuals who make up or made up this scene as well as a few others who aren't Philly people but who've influenced me in a positive way.

Thanks to Yoni Kroll for doing the interview and Grace Ambrose at MRR for seeing it through. And thanks to you for taking the time to see what this is all about. You rule!

Since I Have Your Attention ...

All Involved Ryan Gattis book cover

... please allow me to recommend one of my favorite reads of this year so far and what will surely stand as one of the best books of 2015:

All Involved by Ryan Gattis