Look! This Is My Dis-Claimer*!

By means of a disclaimer, I feel compelled to state that none of the views, opinions, meowings, skywriting at night, Tragic 8-Ball missive misinterpretations, prison yard india ink tattoo scrawlings, gastric warblings, monosyllabic oath invectives, exposed belly snail trail helixes, messy glandular secretions, kinetic tentacle typings, or tombstone-carved epitaphs that comprise this blog should reflect the views or opinions of the interview subjects (those sainted souls). Nor should this blog reflect upon the LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! project as a whole. Running a website means constantly PRODUCING! MORE! MATERIAL! To this end, I will contribute my thoughts and observations to this blog. I've been known to be a prickly pear at times and I do like to step on toes on occasion. Hence, my words wear steel-capped boots and the desire to let them fall as they will can be a heavy burden. Take these words with a pillar of salt. Know that as much as I want you to get some enjoyment out of my writing, my greater desire is to some day have you give me some of your money.

* I have hyphenated the word "disclaimer" in the title because Dis bands are punk and this blog is backed by the d-beat.