Congratulations To Karen and Bull!

Karen, Bull, and a German Ceremonial Log Cutting

Yesterday my brother Bull (Policy of 3, Four Hundred Years, R.A.M.B.O., the Mariposa food co-op) and Karen Kirchhoff (photographer for this project) had a commitment ceremony (including a log sawing) in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

All the best to those two!


MRR Online Part One

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The first part of a piece I wrote exclusively for MaximumRockNRoll magazine is now on their site. It's an essay on suggested places to start exploring this project and it's called, "A Young Person's Guide To LOUD! FAST! PHILLY!"

Next week they should be running five recommendations by guest interviewer Stacey Finney. I'll do a blog post about that when it goes up.

These pieces are also in the "Press" section of this website.


We Made the Cover of MRR ...

MRR #385 Cover
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... and here is the proof!

Get the June 2015 issue (#385) for the feature/interview about this project along with Karen photos.


MaximumRockNRoll: Big Brother's Little Brother!

MRR Karen Kirchhoff Photos
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The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons
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Sunshine Days - Veneta, Oregon, August 27, 1972 by Grateful Dead
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The History of Death and Burial Rituals Part 1 by Death Karma

Welcome to all you fine, feathered folks who've been clued into this site by the MaximumRockNRoll magazine (#385) interview with me and the display of Karen Kirchhoff's beautiful photographs. You now have to listen to all 59 or so interviews (and counting)!

If you like what you see and hear, please help out this project by spreading the word about it. You can also buy photo books directly from Karen and the last few remaining L!F!P! t-shirts from me.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the project. I'd love to hear what you think.

More interviews are in the works, so be certain to keep an eye on the site to see what's new. I will always strive to draw in the diverse individuals who make up or made up this scene as well as a few others who aren't Philly people but who've influenced me in a positive way.

Thanks to Yoni Kroll for doing the interview and Grace Ambrose at MRR for seeing it through. And thanks to you for taking the time to see what this is all about. You rule!

Since I Have Your Attention ...

All Involved Ryan Gattis book cover

... please allow me to recommend one of my favorite reads of this year so far and what will surely stand as one of the best books of 2015:

All Involved by Ryan Gattis


"One Foot In the Grave"

Karen, Bull, and the Vegan Meat Head
A vegan lunchmeat head of Bull by Karen
The Fiends plus Joseph, Bull, and Karen
Me, Tony, and Andy
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All Involved by Ryan Gattis
The Firth Heart by Dan Simmons

Here are some photos from Bull's annual "One Foot In the Grave" Woodlands Cemetery birthday party (plus a shot of the Bull head Karen made out of vegan lunchmeat).

See if you can spot some past and possibly future interview subjects!



Trout and Williams: Together 4-eva!

Greg Trout and David E. Williams photo
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All Involved by Ryan Gattis
The Firth Heart by Dan Simmons

Thanks to Greg Trout, the site now boasts an interview with the inimitable David E. Williams.

Here, for your visual satisfaction, is a photo of the two of them together at Williams' house at the time the interview was recorded.

Bonus Bass

Dave "Bass" Brown photo by Karen Kirchhoff
Dave "Bass" Brown photo by Karen Kirchhoff
Dave "Bass" Brown and Joseph by Karen Kirchhoff
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The Colorado Kid by Laurie Styvers

Here are some extra photos from Karen Kirchhoff's shoot with Dave "Bass" Brown of Negative FX (and many other bands).

The interview was conducted last night and went up today. I hope you enjoy it. There are more to come.


My Gal Val

Valerie Project Flyer
Valerie Project Flyer
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I was interviewed for a Criterion Collection release along with Greg Weeks (formerly of the band Espers). The movie we were interviewed about is Jaromil Jires' Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Czech, 1970). It'll be coming to you on DVD and blu-ray in a stunning 4K scan with three rare Jires short films; the Valerie Project alt-score; and a piece about the making of the Valerie Project score, which will feature the interviews with Greg and me along with never-before-seen video footage of the band, performance photographs, Exhumed Films flyers, and more. It's going to be a fantastic release! My involvement with The Valerie project and this movie has been tremendously important to me, so this brings me great satisfaction.

You can read about it here.

Salad Days

A Cinepunx DC HC Interview Photo
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I recently had the opportunity to the see the new documentary Salad Days: A Decade of Punk In Washington, DC (1980-90). Before the screening at Underground Arts here in Philadelphia (Sunday, March 8, 2015), I was a guest interviewer (again) on the Cinepunx podcast hosted by Liam and Josh. Also guest interviewing was Mike DC. We talked to Scott Crawford and Jim Saah, the creators of the documentary. If you'd like to give our discussion a listen, it's here or, more directly, here. I thought the doc was terrrific! It really captured the inspirational spirit of DC hardcore and the creative individuals who created that scene.