The Tapewrecks Blog Discusses the "Fictitious Years" of The Dead Milkmen and Draws From My Interview with Joe Genaro

The Dead Milkmen - The Fictitious Years (Coatesville/Philly 1979-83)
Monday, August 26, 2013
Tom Quinn

The blog Tapewrecks run by Tom Quinn has a new posting called "The Dead Milkmen - The Fictitious Years (Coatesville/Philly1979-1983)." In it Tom draws some quotes from band member Joe Genero from the interview I did with him for L!F!P! in March. I took satisfaction out of something playing out that I hoped for since I began the project at the start of this year: someone I don't know using the interviews for their own research project. It's also neat to see the first bit of written transcript to come out of any of the interviews. Give it a read!