Summer Ends

Pendle Hill, August 2016
Hi. I'm popping in with a periodic update to let you know that while the pace of interviews has slowed down, the project is still in full effect.

I should be doing a new interview in September. Scheduled for soon (possibly this weekend) is an interview conducted by a guest interviewer who may wind up doing a few more interviews in the months to come. This is still being worked out, so details will be forthcoming. [Note: I'm popping in on September 8 to say that my interview is still happening, I hope, later in September. The interview the guest interviewer is conducting may still be happening, but the interview subject is very sick and is not able to be interviewed at present. We'll see how that plays out.]

There may be an event announcement soon that I think should be quite unique. I'm waiting on confirmation of the event and to be assured that it will be open to the public before I announce it here. If it comes off, it's going to be in mid-November (or so it presently appears) and I'm hoping some of the past interview subjects will be in attendance. I hope to have all this worked out within the next week or so.

In closing, I'll leave you with two book recommendations and an R.I.P.

Recommended recent reading:

The Heavenly Table by Donald Ray Pollack

Underground Airlines by Ben Winters

I cite these two books because they are the only two books published this year that I've read in 2016. Everything else I've read has been older.

My R.I.P. goes out to Gilli Smyth of the band Gong. Gong was one of the most influential bands of my youth and I love them to this day. Gilli and her "space whisper" will never be forgotten.

Here's to the death of summer! On to pumpkin-flavored everything!

Photo is from my recent stay at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, PA. A truly lovely place.