A Brief Update

Jello, Eric, and Jesse
Hello, friends.

A short posting to say that significant events will soon be announced, so stop back over the next couple weeks for each successive announcement. I'm not trying to tease these things out. Rather, details are still being worked out, so it's best to just say that the events should be worthy of your time. If all goes as it should, there should be a big live event, a film screening with special guests, and a sizable bit of press for the project. There will also be new interviews, though nothing is firmly scheduled yet.

I leave you with a reminder that L!F!P! limited-edition "event only" shirts remain for sale from me only. Drop me a message if you'd like one. All the other shirts, which are not limited, are sold through Cinepunx. Contact them for those. Most of the new shirts are likely too sell out at the forthcoming events and won't be reprinted, so best to get on those if you'd like one. The photo is former interview subject Jesse Townley wearing the new L!F!P! shirt with Eric Debris of the band Metal Urbain and none other than Jello Biafra popping his head into the frame.